Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not So Lonely Crowd

In the not-so-modern world of the last century, one could easily feel isolated even in a crowd. Something has changed since then, however, adding a lifeline one can use to connect across the abyss -- welcome to the Web 2.0.

Connect, respond, interact, all at the click of a button. Haven't heard from your friends lately? Go to Facebook, see what's happening. Have something you want to get off your chest? Go to your blog and spout off. Want to make a difference in a world crisis? In the case of the Pakistan floods, go to CrowdFlower

CrowdFlower Reviewer Form
Reports sent to Ushahidi from cell phones and loaded from twitter are presented to the user for review, categorization and location assignment. The reports are then fed back to Ushahidi for final approval and addition to the online map. All the reports are then viewable by relief workers and the public in an effort to distribute as much information as possible about what is happening on the ground and where help is needed.

Ushahidi for Haiti
Welcome to the brave new world of crowdsourced information and participitory data review. Not so lonely crowd after all.

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