Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cherish What Remains

Sea Cliffs, CA
Sea Cliffs, CA
The sea ebbs and flows, removing stone from the matrix of the earth. What remains are empty spaces and sometimes the arches over them. These beautiful remnants are admired by those who view them.

 Think of the sea as being over-consumption and think of the earth as being... well, the earth, then that which remains after resource depletion are wonderful fragments we should cherish.

 If we measure them and map their dimensions then we will recognize them elsewhere and find ways to preserve them.

Neighborhood Walkability, King Co, WA

When we find those old growth forests,  overgrown parklands, or washed out trails, we should show others where they are and encourage their protection, restoration, and conservation.

EarthCorp Interactive Habitat Map
And when we see something worth seeing or a place that needs attention or a source of information to guide us, we should celebrate them and share them with others.

VOAz Trail Finder Map

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